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Mountain Mug


Mountain Mug

Handmade ceramic mug made from raku clay. This Mountain Mug with texture detail represents the gritstone crags of the Peak District.

Inside the handle-less mug (aka a beaker) is fully glazed and the outer design is highlighted with oxides to really bring out the textured detail.

Each handmade ceramic mug is totally unique, and would be perfect for your morning brew while you plan your climbs (or walks) in the Peak. They are also beautiful as an art object displayed on a shelf, turned upside down they really evoke the feeling of the crag!


The mugs (or beakers) are made with Raku clay and has been fired in an electric kiln to 1250 degrees centigrade. All dimensions and weights are approximate. Items are glazed inside; raw clay exterior walls with oxide highlights and raw clay base (stoneware is never glazed on the base – it would stick to the kiln shelves if it were!).

Please note that all of my pieces are handmade and one of a kind, therefore minor imperfections may be present in the form, texture, colour and markings created during the making process – these add to the character of each piece, and makes each piece unique. Bases may not be completely level which reflects the handmade quality and the processes undergone through firing in the kiln although I have tested all vases and there are no real wobbles!  Some of the edges may feel a rough or sharp, this is perfectly normal with this design.

To preserve the beautiful glaze we advise handwashing items only and not to leave soaking in water. Glaze is food safe. We recommend protecting delicate surfaces this item is placed on.

Weight .40 kg
Dimensions 9 × 8 cm

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