Large Wavy Bowl


Delicate folds and waves in this bowl create a stunning organic flow shape. It’s almost a mixture between my Wave and Gathering bowls but I’m leaning more towards waves.


Created with stoneware paperclay this bowl is glazed inside and out with a rich deep blue glaze that has hints of green, and a creamy-white highlight around the rim that blends beautifully like waves on a beach.


To read more about this collection and how I was inspired to make them please scroll down to ‘Description’.


Approximate measurements taken at highest/widest points are shown below in ‘Additional Information’

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This collection has evolved following the making of my Gathering Bowls collection. They are more flowing and freeform and evoke in me the feeling of standing on a shoreline with the waves gently lapping on the beach.



Handmade from stoneware paperclay which gives the piece a delicately thin finish.  This product has been fired in an electric kiln to 1250 degrees centigrade. All dimensions and weights are approximate. This piece is glazed inside and out with a raw clay base (stoneware is never glazed on the base – it would stick to the kiln shelves if it were!).

Please note that all of my pieces are handmade and one of a kind, therefore minor imperfections may be present in the form, texture, colour, glaze and markings created during the making process – these add to the character of each piece, and makes each piece unique.

To preserve the beautiful glaze we advise handwashing items only. Glaze is food safe. We recommend protecting delicate surfaces this item is placed on.

Weight 1.01 kg
Dimensions 17 × 21 × 7.5 cm

Creme, Deep Blue

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