Handmade Ceramic Coasters – Wild Swimming Inspired


Handmade Ceramic Coaster Wild Swimming

Inspired by my wild swimming adventures, these coasters encapsulate light playing on water. The ever changing perspectives we have as swimmers of light and ripples as we immerse ourselves in the water, bubbles drifiting lazily behind. Read more of my swimming adventures below.

Handmade from stoneware clay these ceramic coasters look beautiful even as decorative pieces, but also protect your surfaces from hot drinks. These measure approximately 9.5cm diameter and have a cork backing.


Wild Swimming Adventures

I used to watch in envy at swimmers heading into the sea as a kid, playing in the shallows of the East Coast beaches around Bridlington. Never a strong swimmer, the sea felt dangerous. As an adult, living in London, I forced myself to learn how to swim ‘properly’ and entered a Swimathon – a mile, in a pool. I was slow, but I completed it and felt stupidly proud. Oddly for someone not comfortable in the water I really wanted to learn how to scuba-dive. You needed to be able to swim 400m. I learnt, I went on the diving holiday and returned pretty pleased with myself.

Jump forward to more recent years and I heard of people swimming outdoors. I fancied a go, but the thought of cold water turned me off. Then I thought, if I don’t have a go I’ll never know if I like it, so I got the warmest wetsuit you could find and took my first dip. I loved it. Over my first year I didn’t swim that often but when I did it felt freeing. One day I decided to try without the wetsuit and suprised myself that I could stay in for more than a few seconds, several minutes in fact. I’ve not really worn a wetsuit since, and am now swimming through my second winter, complete with my amazing bobble hat knitted by my swim buddy. Most recently the water has been almost freezing, with ice on the surface. It was the most magical experience that will stick with me forever.

I’d love to explore more widely, finding different places to dip, but for now I have a few local places I can walk to and am very grateful for that. That feeling of being in the water is just amazing. I’d like to say I go for the swimming, and dream of being a heads down crawl type of swimmer so it’s a physical activity. In reality, I splash around, swim a bit, and get a massive head-space boost from the movement and company of my swim buddy. The benefits for mental and physical health are felt long after leaving the water. It’s my happy place (after having my hands in clay!!).

Product information

To preserve the beautiful glaze and delicate nature of this item we advise handwashing only, and because of the cork backing it’s best to wipe the top surface only. Glaze is food safe. We recommend protecting delicate surfaces this item is placed on.

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Dimensions 9.5 cm

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