100 Day Project Drinking Vessels


#100DayProject – Drinking Vessels

Information on this project and how I came to create 100 unique drinking vessels is written below. You can scroll through the full range of vessels by using the drop down list below.


During lockdown I knew I had to keep busy for my mental health, but the pace needed to be slow and mindful. I decided to undertake a second round of a makers #100dayproject. My theme…..Drinking Vessels.


My rules…..pieces could be traditional, be like vessels you find in your kitchen, or be completely random and obscure. In fact the only rule was that the vessel must be able to hold liquid and feasibly be able to be drunk from. 


Looking back now, I can see that some of my creations certainly reflect my mood at the time. In fact, week 2 of creating clearly shows I was in a bit of a mood, definitely having a wobble and I remember generally struggling to face each day due to the loss of purpose. In the final 4 or 5 weeks I settled into my favorite kind of making, Kurinuki and except for a few items I exclusively made vessels by carving from solid blocks of clay. The slow process of making in this way was just what my mind needed and the acceptance that lockdown wasn’t being lifted anytime soon had settled with me. 


Vessel #1 was made on 24 March, and the final vessel #100 completed on 29 June. All of these vessels are glazed with Botz brush-on glazes, and many are left with raw unglazed clay on the outer surface. I’ll list the exact colours and combinations with each description, along with type of clay used and method of making along with some notes on inspiration. There’s also weight and dimensions – all are approximate and given that some pieces are not circular the measurements tend to be taken at the widest or highest part.  In the photographs I think I’ve included one of me holding the vessel to give you an idea of scale.


All have been fired in an electric kiln to 1250 degrees centigrade. All dimensions and weights are approximate. Pieces are only ever glazed on the upper surface leaving the base unglazed (stoneware is never glazed on the base – it would stick to the kiln shelves if it were!).

Please note that all of my pieces are handmade and one of a kind, therefore minor imperfections may be present in the form, texture, colour and markings created during the making process – these add to the character of each piece, and makes each piece unique. Bases may not be completely level which reflects the handmade quality and the processes undergone through firing in the kiln.  Some of the edges may feel a rough or sharp, this is perfectly normal with this design.

To preserve the beautiful glaze we advise handwashing items only. Glaze is food safe. We recommend protecting delicate surfaces this item is placed on.

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