Hand crafted ceramic products made for you to wear.

My pendants are beautifully tactile pottery, designed with rich texture and colours. Each pendant is individually crafted, made from stoneware clay and completely unique in design.

Bead Necklaces

Bead necklaces are chunky statement pieces you’ll never want to take off. I made myself one initially and it’s the most worn piece of jewellry I own!


For you crafty sewing or wool lovers, my buttons give your handmade projects a unique personalised touch. Whether you are a wooly jumper or bobble hat knitter, or you crochet cushion covers and tea cosies…a handmade ceramic button can give your pieces an extra special dimension.  If you’re a sewing fanatic, making your own clothes the buttons work wonders at accentuating your hand stitched pieces. Be it dungaree fastenings or shirt buttons, you’ll really stand out with one-off buttons stitched on.

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